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The Association of Lithuanian Employment Agencies  (ALEA) was established by seven (7) companies specializing in temporary staffing and/or recruitment and currently has 14 members.

ALEA is the first such organization in Lithuania and has been very proactive in trying to establish a legal framework for employee leasing as well as stimulate the market to use temporary staffing services to reduce emigration and illegal employment. 

Temporary employment agencies search for employees and second them to companies (client-users) in need of additional personnel for short periods of time. An employment contract is typically signed between an employee and the temporary employment agency, which assumes most of the traditional administrative functions of an employer.

In April 2007, ALEA submitted its initial proposal and comments to the Social Security & Employment Ministry on the employee-leasing concept which was subsequently discussed by the tripartite council. The association was included in the work group established by the Social Security & Employment Ministry which is responsible for drafting the statute on temporary employment.

On the 19th of November, 2008 the European Commission enacted a new directive applicable to temporary staffing agencies; (DIRECTIVE 2008/104/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL ON TEMPORARY AGENCY WORK, 19 November 2008) which was developed with the participation of the European Confederation of Private Employment Agencies .

This directive required Lithuania to pass its own statute for temporary staffing by 5 December, 2011.

At the beginning of 2010, the process to develop a temporary staffing statute was renewed.  Tomas Bagdanskis and Arunas Miezelis, the association’s President and Chairman of the Board respectively, were included in the activities of the working group from the Ministry of Social Security and Labour.  By working together with the Lithuanian Business  Employers’ Confederation and reconciling articles of the statute with representatives from the State Labour Inspectorate  and the Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation , the ALEA made its recommendations on the temporary staffing project to the Ministry of Social Security and Labour which is responsible for preparing the statute.